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  • Volunteer Vacations: Rebuilding New Orleans
    For Americans, leisure isn’t just a time to relax; it can also be a time to come to the aid of others. And many Americans feel a special responsibility to help the people of New Orleans who were devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2008.
  • Youth Volunteers
    Students and teachers talk about the value and benefit of helping others in their schools, the local community and around the world. The speakers are students and teachers at West Springfield High School, a secondary school in Northern Virginia.
  • Bikes for the World
    A bicycle can give someone the opportunity to get to work or school or start a business. American volunteers with Bikes for the World collect used bicycles and ship them to developing countries where they make a dramatic improvement in people’s lives.
  • Playing Midnight Basketball
    An inner-city program in Richmond, Virginia, teaches the value of hard work and cooperation, giving at-risk youth hope for the future.
  • Walking to End Hunger
    The annual Hartford Walk Against Hunger is the largest fundraiser dedicated to fighting hunger and malnutrition in the state of Connecticut. Each year, secular and religious groups join together to raise money.
  • GlobalGiving’s Fundraising Efforts for Japan
    Mari Kuraishi, co-founder and president of GlobalGiving, speaks about the fundraising efforts being coordinated by her nonprofit organization in support of Japan.




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